In a Texas where Republicans are in Charge; Children Are Victims of Bad Public Policy

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The Annie E Casey Foundation released rankings with regards to a child's well-being and, unfortunately, Texas ranked 34th out of 50 states.  That's a devastating indictment against the policies that career politicians like Rick Perry, and Republicans in the legislature, have championed for more than a decade.  Texas' most vulnerable citizens, our children, have been left behind by the GOP.    

According to the foundations report, the following statistics represent the condition of Texas children:

  • 23% of Texas children live in poverty conditions
  • Texas ranks 48th in teen births
  • 1/3 of Texas children, 33%, grow up in single parent homes


Don't you think it's time, particularly at a period when Texas Government has a conservative estimate of an $18 billion dollar shortfall facing the next legislative session, that we elect leaders who care about Texas's future?  Most importantly what about electing leaders who care about Texas children?  The two are synonymous with opportunity, growth, and long-term success.  

We have had one-party domination of the governor's mansion since 1994.  One Party has been in charge while these statistics continued to worsen. In a Republican legislative budget with an $18 billion dollar shortfall, how much worse will the lives of Texas children continue and get when more services will be cut?  It's a fair question and most certainly a fair assessment of who one should vote for in November.  


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  1. TexianPolitico on

    Wrong. Not “Since 1994.”
    The GOP took over the state house in the 2002 election, right? Also, in 1994 LtGov Bullock was reelected as were AG Morales, Comptroller Sharp, etc. It wasn't “one-party domination” until Jan. 2003.  

    • Correct
      It was 2003 when Republicans took over completely.  It was also that year that Republicans kicked a quarter million kids off CHIP, removed dental and vision for the rest of those kids along with their mental health benefits.

      They did have the presence of mind to go ahead and dump hundreds of millions of dollars into the Governor's Enterprise Slush Fund.  And do Congressional redistricting all over again.  Priorities.

      • Yes
        I'll give you the reference on the legislative branch, my reference was towards the governorship of this state though.  I should have been more clear about that but I wasn't.


  2. I wonder if the foundation
    used statistic from legalized citizens only. Looks like NM and AZ did even worse.

    • Oh stuff it
      You're obviously a Republican. The Republicans wanted their “guest workers” and didn't complain until the bill arrived.  And in case you haven't paid attention, Cornyn and Hutchison intend to do everything they can to ensure they don't go home.  “Guest workers” = “cheap labor” and no Republican in Congress is going to risk the wrath of those who loves the cheap labor. Any more than any Democrat is. Just the same, the Democrats didn't invite them here. The Republicans did.  

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