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We couldn't have chosen a better day to release our first campaign video. Today, many in our district received another one of Lamar Smith's taxpayer funded self-promotion newsletters. This time, he uses a quote from the majority leader, Steny Hoyer, which he claims supports his assertion that the Democratic majority is irresponsible. The quote was lifted completely out of context from an article dated May 11, 2006 and entitled “The American People Are Not the Only Ones Rejecting Republican Policies – So Are the Republicans.” The statement was in response to the Republican majority being unable to bring their party together to do the job for America. In this article, he says, “Republicans cannot escape responsibility and accountability for their fiscal failures.”  We all know where those failures have gotten us, and we are now in dire need of a bi-partisan Congress willing to do the hard work to strengthen our ec onomy, grow jobs, bring manufacturing back to the US, and reward the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that defines America. We must also carefully consider the long-term actions needed to bring down the deficit, simplify and minimize the tax code, reduce spending and restore the fiscal responsibility that has been missing since those treacherous years with a Republican majority. It is not time for re-election rhetoric, it is time for action. If Lamar Smith had a comprehensive plan to address our economic needs, he should have introduced it years ago when he could unify his majority party, and maybe with real action and leadership, we would have avoided the situation where we are today. It is time to say “Yes” to Lainey Melnick, and it is time to say “No” to Lamar Smith.

Please watch our video at… go to youtube and comment, rate it, and share it with all your contacts. I can't wait to get to work for you.

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Texas 21st District

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