DFA Allstars and the TX Races

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Hello Fellow listers,

Right now the Progressive powerhouse is doing a national voting campaign to figure out who to support as a Grassroots allstar. For any race that wins it will be a huge bump for the campaign. I urge the list readers to consider helping each of the 4 campaigns who filled out the questionnaire for support and asking your friends to do the same.  Brining the fight to a place like TX – 03 and forcing Sam Johnson to work because he has a credible opponent this year is worth the time to  make the vote. http://www.grassrootsallstars….

July 16th the first round wins, the top 10 then get pitted against one another to make it to the top two.

The TX Slate and standings right now are –

John Lingenfelder – in 18th place



Neil Durrance – in 23rd place



Ted Ankrum – in 36th place



Tom Berry – in 37th place



Note – Grier Raggio is on there but his votes do not count due to him not filling out the DFA questionnaire

Why this is important?

The winner of the 2010 Grassroots All-Star Competition will receive:

The title of “2010 DFA Grassroots All-Star”

At least one national fundraising e-mail from DFA Chair Jim Dean to over one million members with the commitment to raise $20,000 from DFA members nationwide.

In-state crowd-sourcing emails for volunteer events with a commitment to raise 500 volunteer hours from DFA members in the All-Stars' home state.

At least one national volunteer e-mail to over one million DFA members with the commitment to deliver at least 200 national phone bankers.

A $5,000 contribution from Democracy for America PAC.

Appearances by DFA Chair Jim Dean at available campaign events

Lets help the TX congressionals and put them in the running by voting and asking our friends to vote. It's a major bump to their campaigns!


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  1. JLingenfelder on

    Note from a Candidate
    I wish to personally thank you for publicizing this contest by the DFA. To every reader of this diary, get to the site and vote for your Texas contenders for the House.

    This is a very important year to work hard to get rid of certain hard right Republicans. In my race, the Texas 3rd (Collin & Dallas Counties) Sam Johnson is not only a hard right, rubber-stamp Republican, but he is a fundraising machine for the RNC and several Texas Republican Party organizations. Knocking him off will sever a flow of money in future elections.

    As of this morning my campaign is still hanging in 18th place and Neil Durrance (TX-26) has fallen back to 24th. Are you going to let California or North Carolina show up Texas?  I thought we were made of better stuff than that.

    Come on, Texas Democrats. Step Up… Be counted and click on the Grassroots All-Star site and vote for Texas and for our future!

    John Lingenfelder

    Plano Texas

    For U.S. Congress, Texas 3rd

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