Republican Ron Paul Supports RNC Chair Michael Steele After Latest Gaffe

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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is under fire (again) after his latest gaffe. Steele rewrote history again, and normally that wouldn't be a topic to discuss on BOR, but one of the few people rushing to his defense is none other than, Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

After Steele was quoted saying, the Afghanistan war launched by former President George W. Bush was “of (President Barack) Obama's choosing” and may be unwinnable.

While Republicans John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint all demanded Steele to apologize for his mischaracterization of facts, Ron Paul ran to Steele's defense.

However, conservative GOP Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, in a statement to CNN, supported Steele and said the RNC chairman's characterization of the war was correct.

“He is guiding the party in the right direction and we (the GOP) are on the verge of victory this fall,” said Paul, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. “Chairman Steele should not back off. He is giving the country, especially young people, hope as he speaks truth about this war.” (From CNN)

Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky and his gaffe's on civil rights, apologizing to BP, claims of being board certified in Ophthalmology make his father a poor choice for public defender.

One thing has become clear, Michael Steele is creating a a bipartisan coalition. Democrats and Republicans both agree Steele is bad chairman and should probably be fired.

While John Cornyn has called on every major Democrat to resign since January 11, the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) appears to have made no statement on whether he supports Steele or thinks he should be fired. With 119 days left until the election, this fracturing is no good for the national Republican Party.


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  1. I saw an interesting exchange
    briefly this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe show about Michael Steele.  A heated exchange took place between Republicans Pat Buchanan and Dan Senor (former Pentagon and White House adviser in 2003).  Like Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol, Dan Senor thinks Michael Steele is out of line.  Pat Buchanan did not agree with Senor but he does with Paul.  John Cornyn's silence should tell us he is on the side of Buchanan and Paul.  

    There is a civil war taking place within the GOP between the extreme right and the moderates, what few remain.  Of course we won't hear much about this in the MSM.  The GOP purity tests, purging and witch hunts will be largely ignored especially on FOX Fixed News.

    We will likely hear more about tiffs between the progressives and centrist Democrats.


  2. stacksucker on

    And what about the civil war among Dems…
    that SHOULD be taking place? There is no hope of winning in Afghanistan. Whatever hope there was vanished when the Iraq War began. Why do the Dems keep supporting this newer version of Vietnam? Steele was right – no invading army has won a land war in the place since Alexander the Great got stopped there. If the USSR couldn't win with hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground, what chance to we have with far fewer troops?

    Steele was off-script, but he wasn't wrong. Obama does own this war now and it's another shitty, useless one.  

    • The Worst Form of Partisanship.

      With all due respect, the issue is not actually about this particular war; it is about improper partisanship.  

      As someone who has served in uniform, no war “belongs” to any President.  We owe it to our men and women in uniform to not get caught in the type of uber-partisan argument that Steele was using.

      Let's face it, Steele was not against the war when it started on theoretical or moral grounds; and he was not against the war when Bush continued it or expanded it before the end of his term.

      No, Steele is against it now, if he actually is, solely because he thinks he can score cheap political points if the body count continues to rise.  That is the lowest form of political demagoguery ever!

      The worst form of partisanship is being for or against something, not based on principle, but solely because the other party supports it or is against it.  

      Unfortunately, the ability of politicians to change position based solely on this type of knee-jerk partisan basis is why so many Americans do not believe in either party.

      For those Democrats who are consistently against war in general, or against the continuation of this particular war, that is fine.  I will fight against anybody attacking anyone's patriotism for ethically, honorably, consistently, and based on reason arguing against war or any particular war.

      But as a Democrat who believes in a strong defense and that American strength is needed in order to insure a world with peace and justice, I believe the problem with Steele's statement is that we should not use our troops for cheap political points.

      Anybody from either party who engages in such demogoguery should be challenged and forcefully so.  

    • Wrong on several points.
      First, while I agree that winning is unlikely, it is wrong to say that a land war has never been won.

      And while there are obvious differences, Germany and Japan after WW2 were not exactly ideal candidates to set up a free government.  

      Second, the most absurd part about Steel's statement was to try to make it Obama's war.  First, anyone with a brain knows that it was started under the Bush administration.  To try to blame it on Obama for being there is ludicrous in the extreme.  Second, support for that war was bipartisan and nearly universal.  It was and is our war.

  3. Wow.
    I don't see a prescription for success or sanity in any of that rah-rah rant.

    This administration, not the last, is waging a war in Afghanistan. This administration, not the last, is asking for billions for defense spending. This administration, not the last, is waging a “surge” that is costing more in American lives this year than in the 9 previous.

    It's been an un-winnable war for years now. That doesn't excuse Bush OR Obama. At some point, Dems have to own up to continuing to pour our young ones and treasure into a black hole in pursuit of a couple of hundred insane nomads. It doesn't make since. Nor does it make sense for this Party to rally round the president when he's wrong.

    We do the Party and the President a favor when we think for ourselves and call him out when he's in error.

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