Rick Perry Ratchets Up 2012 Nomination Bid; Pays Less Attention to Gubernatorial Run

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Since I returned from Washington DC I have spoke of the rumors in our nation's capital that Rick Perry is laying the groundwork for a run at the GOP nomination for President in 2012.  Remarkable isn't it?  This is a man who barely a year ago couldn't decide if he was running for President of Texas or Governor of Texas and now he wishes to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  At this point, all indications are that a foundation has been laid and Rick Perry, along with his consultants and pollsters, are moving forward with that nomination bid.  

This past Friday Rick Perry spoke at the Texas Defending the American Dream Summit in DC where Club for Growth Founder and Wall Street Journal editorial board member, Stephen Moore, proclaimed that (via a tweet by @mattklewis with Politics Daily):

We're going to take the House in 2010, and then, “…were going to put Rick Perry in the White House in 2012.”

If ever a nightmare were to envelope America Rick Perry in the White House is quite likely to be it. For most of this year Rick Perry has ignored his re-election campaign for Governor and set his eyes on a higher prize.  That's what career politicians like Rick Perry do; they look beyond the job and responsibilities they were elected to fulfill in order to seek more power, more notoriety, and thus, particularly in Rick Perry's case, take their problem-causing skills to a whole other level of government.  

Here is what we know right now that suggests Rick Perry is neglecting his responsibilities in Austin and instead is laying a path toward Washington DC:

  • In early February, Paula Burka with the Texas Monthly laid the framework for an argument that Rick Perry is ready for a national GOP nomination run.
  • Also in February, The Economist magazine floated the idea of Perry in '12 citing his decade of problem-causing skills as one of many bullet points for a national run.
  • In March, Rick Perry defeated Texas' Senior Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, after tearing her apart and framing her as a reflection of everything that is wrong with DC politics today.  Perry conveniently neglected the fact that his 51% Republican Primary victory was accompanied by 49% worth of votes against him.
  • In April, Rick Perry shoveled out impressive tons of red-meat rhetoric at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in an effort to continue and raise his national profile.
  • Rick Perry has written a book about states rights called “Fed Up,” which is due to be released this coming fall.  I wonder if Iowa will be on the book stop tour.
  • Rick Perry's consultants and pollsters registered  rickperry2012.com as early as April of 2007.  Only recently was the registration of this domain switched from Baselice & Associates, which are Perry's pollsters, to one very generic “John Schmidt.”


One thing should be clear by all this evidence and that is the fact that Rick Perry isn't running for Governor he is running to seek the GOP nomination for President of the United States.  Career politicians never settle for the office they hold, they seek to use and abuse the office they have as a means to and end for the purposes of self-political gain and consolidation of power.

Having said all of that do Texans, or even Texas Republicans want Rick Perry to run for President?  The answer is a resounding “no.”  

A new survey of Texas by Public Policy Polling finds that even though Gov. Rick Perry has mobilized his Republican base on a Tea Party platform, there is nevertheless no appetite for their favorite son to seek the presidency. In a Republican presidential primary, Perry is way at the back of the pack. Perry really was dead last.

Even during the Republican convention in Dallas, as Texas GOP faithful were asked whether they would support a Perry run for President? An enthusiastic, “he wouldn't be my first choice.” Ours either, trust me!  

“I love Rick Perry,” said Kim Ikovick, a Dallas homemaker. But asked whether she wants to see him run for president, Ikovick said, “Oh, I don't know if I would go quite that far.”

Texans have a clear choice in November.  Texans can elect a career politician who isn't running for a third-term as Governor of Texas, but who is instead looking to move to Washington DC despite the lack of support even amongst his own Texas GOP faithful.  Or, Texans can elect a well qualified leader in Bill White who will work to move Texas forward beyond the decade of destructive policies at the hands of Rick Perry. One man doesn't want the job of Governor and the other man does.  Texans should elect the latter.  


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