Rick Perry Stole from Texas School Children

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An article in the Houston Chronicle reveals that Rick Perry did not use federal stimulus money targeted to schools to augment their budgets, as required.

The federal dollars were intended specially for schools. The funding was to have given Texas a means by which it could enhance and strengthen the educational outcomes for students.  The federal government did not hand out the people's money to Texas for the governor to do whatever he wants with it. Of all people the governor should know that federal funding always includes specific requirements and guidelines, compliance is mandatory as is accountability. In this case the federal government made it clear that states could not replace what they normally distribute to schools with federal money.

Rick Perry must think the rules do not apply to him especially when they are made by a big bad federal government that will actually hold him accountable for how the governor spends the people's money.

As we can imagine, the ever arrogant Rick Perry thumbed his nose at Texas school children, their teachers and the U.S. taxpayers while stuffing the U.S. people's money into his state coffer.  The Governor of a state in which the schools rank second to the bottom of the pile nationwide cut back on what Texas normally gives to its schools.  Instead of receiving extra resources and educational opportunities Texas schools got the same stingy state funding.

Democrats charge that while Perry officially accepted the money from Washington, he simultaneously slashed the state's contributions to the education budget, allowing the state to essentially pocket the federal dollars without increasing school aid.

“Instead of a historic boost in local school support, our schoolchildren were left no better off,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, said. “Three billion dollars (in federal money) made no difference to our local schools.”

Rick Perry has stooped to such a low level that he will actually steal from Texas school children.  

The man has the integrity of a can of beans.  

When the House approved additional money for the war in Afghanistan late Thursday, it also inserted a measure that seeks to circumvent efforts by Gov. Rick Perry to keep Texas schools from hiring more employees using federal dollars.

The proposal would allow the federal government to give money directly to school districts, provided Perry certifies that the federal support will not replace the state money. Perry must also agree not to proportionally cut education funding more than any other item in the next budget.

While the measure includes $10 billion in education funding nationally, Texas is the only state that must make such a certification before receiving the federal funding. Texas school districts stand to receive about $820 million in funding to hire additional employees.

Congressional Democrats pushed for the provision after Texas received more than $3 billion from the government in 2009 to boost education funding, only to see Perry not use the funds to augment the education budget.

Texas is the only state that is required to make the certification because Rick Perry must be the only governor in the U.S. that has the arrogance and so much contempt for school children that he thumbed his nose at the rules.  

Texas should be so proud of its governor.

Rick Perry also wins today's Oscar Award for his outstanding and distinguished achievement as serving as today's biggest political hypocrite in Texas. The Governor's words spew daily, almost on a non-stop basis, about the evil doing big bad federal government that wants to take over and control our lives. And yet the Governor's actions prove that he will willingly whore up to federal money every time such opportunity knocks at his door.

A Race to the Bottom

Rick Perry and Texas Republicans continue on their crusade to maintain low performing schools in Texas.

Perry's record of refusing federal money for education is not limited to the stimulus funds. Under Perry, Texas has twice declined to apply for the Race to the Top grant, a federal program that awards money to states for making specific improvements to their education systems, such as enabling more charter schools and creating performance-based pay for teachers and administrators.

November cannot come soon enough as far as I am concerned.  Rick Perry has got to go. He does not serve the people of Texas nor does he have any concern for our state's children and the importance of their education.  If we do not improve conditions for them, our children will not be capable of competing in an increasingly complex and highly technical global economy.  Education is their only ticket to sustainability.

We must elect Bill White at all costs.

In his quest to grandstand about Washington and promote his political career, Perry has proven over and over again that he is only in if for himself, not Texas students,” said Katy Bacon, a spokeswoman for the White campaign.

Mr. White is 100% correct.  Rick Perry is in it for himself.  

Please show some love and support for Bill White


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