Back to Basics PAC Launches TV Ad Against Rick Perry

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Today is Day 59 of Rick Perry refusing to debate Bill White.

First reported by the Texas Tribune:

A new political action committee billing itself as the Back to Basics PAC has produced a 30-second anti-Perry spot that is expected to start running in select Texas markets tonight. Democratic sources say the ad buy totals $250,000, and hits on a theme we've heard a lot this summer: Perry's elite lifestyle, in the face of a multi-billion dollar budget crisis.

That is a fantastic television ad. Great to see Democrats hitting Perry hard early on in the summer.

Previously on BOR:


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  1. I got one gripe
    It made a line, but I would have like a visual at the end of a poor kid sans education to reinforce what Perry is “against” in favor of his big ole' mansion.

    This is the best use of the mansion being used against perry i have seen in a month.

    Now, may this be the end of the mansion talk as we hit on some more specific actions on the poor decisions Perry has made. This is getting real old and I doubt it's winning any votes.

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