@RepJoeBarton Does Equivalent of a Political 180

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Literally moments after my earlier post hit Burnt Orange Report, and around roughly the same time that Smokey Joe Barton was pleading before the Republican Caucus in Washington to retain his Energy and Commerce Committee post, a twitter headline hit on @RepJoeBarton's site that he now wishes didn't.  

“Joe Barton Was Right”

The headline was in reference to a Republican penned article by the American Spectator so elegantly entitled “Joe Barton was Right.”  Naturally, the DNC was giddy over the North Texas Congressman, who is the political gift that keeps on giving.  From DNC Press Secretary Hari Sevugan:

“It's not just Joe Barton who thinks 'Joe Barton is right' in taking the side of oil companies instead of our families. Republicans have repeatedly proven that they agree with him.  They proved it by making him the top Republican overseeing oil companies in the first place and allowing him to keep that job now. They proved it in their opposition to lifting the liability cap on oil companies which caused this kind of devastation.  They proved it in their opposition to the BP accountability fund.  They proved in their opposition to the President's call for an energy policy that ensures we are never in a position again where we are reliant on oil and oil companies.  Joe Barton defiantly saying he was right and Republicans keeping him in a position to oversee oil companies says everything you need to know about the sincerity of Republican protestations about the behavior of BP and the oil industry. This is how they truly feel.”

This arrogance and ignorance would be astounding if probably it were from any other politician, but given Barton's leading role this past week in exposing the GOP's solid relationship with big oil and big business, I am not-so-surprisingly numb to this report.

Having said that, does this tweet from @RepJoeBarton really surprise you?  It doesn't me.  I really do believe that Joe Barton believes he is right.  When over $1.5 million dollars of campaign fundraising comes from the industry you are now emotionally apologizing to—no, none of this should be surprising to even the staunchest of Republican supporters.  


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