Political Fallout from Joe Barton's BP Apology Not Yet Contained

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Last Thursday Smokey Joe Barton cemented what many Americans already knew—that the modern Republican Party is too cozy with the oil industry and will continue and defend big business' interests over the American people's interests any day.

Since that time we saw a lot of huff and puff from the Republican Leadership in Washington but Joe Barton's house was not blown down. Barton retains his leadership position on the Energy and Commerce Committee despite a veiled threat of losing it.  Keeping that role places Barton in a position to Chair the committee once again should Republicans take back the House in November. After apologizing to BP CEO Hayward it took two separate apologies on the part of Smokey Joe to attempt and clean up his political mess; however, the fact still remains today that big oil, big energy, and big business control the interests of the Grand Oil Party.

Over the past week several ads have emerged that continue and reinforce what Rahm Emanuel articulated best over the weekend.  Barton simply aired an ideology and Party philosophy that the Palin/Limbaugh/Beck wing in today's Republican Party is just too cozy with big oil, big insurers, big banks and big business.   Which means those entities interests will consistently take precedent over any interests of the American people should the GOP take charge in November.

Wonder how the Palin/Limbaugh/Beck Grand Oil Party will govern?  Check it out:


And if you're really curious in how Smokey Joe Barton  and DC Republicans will handle energy policy just take a look and see for yourself:

A culture of currying to corporate interests can no longer continue and take precedent in Washington DC. The ideology and overall philosophies of the modern Republican Party, led by the Palin/Limbaugh/Beck wing, is too extreme politically and too cozy to big business interests overall.  Those are philosophies and policies that the United States can no longer afford.    


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  1. SterlingTexas on

    Barton Apology
    Reports of the implosion of the GOP are premature.  Barton took a swipe at Obama.  That's enough for most of his constituency.  

    To think people are reeling in horror at such things is naive.

    They are organizing and plotting to bring down any Dem gains in Austin and Washington.

    Vigilance is the price of liberty.

    Progressive smugness and over confidence are the key to GOP victories in November.  

    If you thought 2008 was tough, you ain't seen nothing yet!

    • 2008 was tough?
      Sarah Palin made it a cakewalk for Dems.  Nowadays BP, Sarah, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh seemed to have taken over the entire GOP.

      And this is precisely why moderate R's will vote for Bill White.

      That and Rick Perry won the Worst Person in the World award in case you missed the news outside of right wing stoopid talk.

      Joe Barton should keep up his excellent work on behalf of BP.

  2. Barton as the poster boy for GOP policies
    I think we've finally found a good use for Joe Barton – as an example of GOP corporate cronyism.  His apology will play on all the way through the fall and through the continuation of the BP spill.

    It did not surprise me one bit that the GOP did not force Smokey Joe to give up his top Republican chair on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  After all that would have meant that they held someone accountable for something.  

    The party of “No” couldn't do that.  Nope.  Besides they secretly believe what Joe said; they just can't say it out loud like Joe Barton did.

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