Texas Round-Up

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  • Could there be a Texas Governor's race without a single debate? If so, it will be entirely because of Rick Perry and possibly because some Republicans think that debating Bill White is kind of their nightmare.
  • The Texas Libertarian and Green Parties have picked their nominees for Governor.

    Houston attorney Kathie Glass won the Libertarian nomination for governor Saturday and vowed to siphon conservative support from Republican incumbent Rick Perry by appealing to Tea Party activists and supporters of former GOP candidate Debra Medina.

    In San Antonio, delegates to the liberal Green Party chose retired teacher Deb Shafto of Houston as their gubernatorial nominee, but the party's candidate slate can't be immediately certified because of a lawsuit over the party's petition drive to get on the November ballot.

  • Defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina was at last weekend's Texas GOP State Convention. Her group, We Texans, was denied a booth and her supporters were less than enthused. She has yet to endorse Perry.
  • Paul Burka believes the overthrowing of the Texas Republican Party chair is important.
  • Is Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples going out of his way to use federal dollars promoting school lunch programs that just happen to feature his name in their ads in the run-up to the November election?

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