GOP Challenger in HD-102 Plagiarizes Obama; Embellishes on Resume

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Republicans view this election cycle as one where bashing President Obama equates to not only galvanizing the extreme elements of their base, but lends support to the musings of GOP entertainers such as Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck that it will result in short term election gains too.  That is, of course, until you have to begin giving speeches and otherwise introducing yourself to voters.  Then that Barack Obama guy isn't so bad anymore.  Republicans find him pretty good at writing and delivering speeches, so why not plagiarize him versus coming up with original content, right?

That apparently is what the Republican candidate for HD-102, Stefani Carter, has in mind in her challenge to unseat incumbent State Representative Carol Kent.  Take a look at this video provided by the Lone Star Project with side-by-side shots of Obama's now famous speech at the 2004 DNC convention with Carter's speech:

If lifting passages from a famous speech wasn't enough to question Carter's integrity, a close examination of her resume demonstrates she enjoys embellishing on her experiences and accomplishments enough to attempt and make her a more appealing candidate to Representative Carol Kent.  Now Carter's honesty is at question.  

  • Carter claims to be a columnist for USA Today, but a few collegiate guest columns does not make one a paid columnist (Source: LSP).  That's about like my claiming that my Letters to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram mean that I'm on McClatchy's payroll.
  • Carter also claimed to be a “fellow at the Heritage Foundation,” when in fact she was an intern by means of a Lawrence Wade Journalism Fellowship through the University of Texas (Source: LSP).  This would be like me claiming to have been a fellow at the Financial Services Roundtable versus an intern through the Roundtable by means of the Bill Archer Fellowship through the University of Texas at Arlington .

Read more below the foldCarter's plagiarism and resume embellishments are a growing and troubling trend among Republican candidates nationwide. You may recall that a candidate endorsed by GOP entertainer Sarah Palin in Idaho plagiarized from the same exact speech that Republican Stefani Carter did!  

It's a shame that while Republican candidates feel the need to beat the President up politically they also see fit to plagiarize from the speech that arguably laid the groundwork for his successful 2008 presidential run.  

Stefani Carter allows voters in House District 102 to question how honest an individual she is and whether she posses the integrity to serve as a state legislator.  Come November that should make voting for Rep. Carol Kent in HD-102 that much easier.  


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    • And?
      Biden wasn't running as part of a Republican Party that views everything Obama touches as a socialist plot to overthrow the founding principals of the country. I guess using his speeches where he outlines “those policies” is ok somehow.  

  1. Thanks!
    I have a new entry for my, “When Its OK to Plagiarize” book. On a positive note for Carol at least she didn't mimic him on his BP disaster = echos of 911.  

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