Texas Green Party Ballot Issue

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The Texas Green Party needs to curb its something for nothing appetite to be on the Nov. 2010 ballot.  Of course they have a right, on their own, to gather adequate signatures to warrant their presence on the ballot or to hire a service to do the job. They have been offered a Trojan horse–a free gift bearing the means to assure Perry's victory.  This “in kind” gift from obviously Republican entities and persons, (including Paul E. Singer, a contributor to Take Initiative America, according to my research source), will steal votes from the one candidate who needs every Democrat's and every  other thoughtful Texan's vote in order to release Perry's stranglehold (achieved by his direction and appointment of committee and agency heads and members and aid to some legislators over the past 10 years) of the government of Texas–an inherently unimprovable situation unless he is defeated by a cohesive vote by progressive Texans concerned with the multitude of issues Texas faces.  This is a time for the Texas Green Party to not accept this gift–this unmistakable Trojan horse.  The stakes for Texas have seldom been higher nor have we often had as strong a candidate to lead us to a Democratic victory.  The TGP should respect the need to defeat Perry, rather than give in to their desire to be an alternative attraction to Democratic and independent voters.  Surely we have learned the lesson of Nader's exercised ambition at the expense of victory for the Democratic presidential candidate.  


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