Part-Time Perry: Becoming More Obvious that the Governor Doesn't Work Well for You

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Bill White's team gave a phrase to a new accusation against the governor yesterday: Part-Time Perry.  It makes sense, too, when his schedule reveals a significant lack of work.

Rick Perry's official schedules, released today, show he is not working on the budget crisis, or, it appears, much of anything. In 74 business days, Perry spent 24 days with no official work time, events, meetings or calls.

When Perry did have something on his calendar, it was often a press conference, media interview, or photo op.

That's absolutely disgusting. Yah, his official schedule doesn't include campaign events, but that just reiterates the “Perry Career Politician” theme.  In this tough economy, Texans want a governor who works hard.  Texans work hard, so their leader should, too.

The White press release continues by referring to the $18 billion dollar budget shortfall and how Rick Perry thinks “somebody just reached up in the air and grabbed” the number.  Well, perhaps if he were in more meetings about it, Part-Time Perry would see that the estimate comes from legitimate calculations.

One could go on for quite a while about how Part-Time Perry makes a horrible governor, but I shouldn't need to go into too much detail with the obvious.  Perry's taste for extravagance on the public dime already appeared with the news of his rental mansion. He must be really enjoying it, too, with only a Part-Time job and plenty of apparent free time.  Now, even the press can't fail to notice his lack of public service.

Here is Jason Embry:

Perry's records show a somewhat light official schedule at several points.

Take the third week of January. Perry had no state scheduled events on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, he had a briefing on virtual high schools, followed by a press conference on the same topic. And the one event on his Thursday schedule was a phone call with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

“Maybe the Legislature should start paying Perry on an hourly basis to encourage him to stop ignoring the budget crisis and get things done,” White spokeswoman Katy Bacon said, referring to a projected budget shortfall of as much as $18 billion during the next two-year budget cycle.

As Harvey Kronberg analyzed in his subscription-required Quorum Report after discussing the importance of metaphors in campaigns: “recently, the White Campaign seems to be demonstrating a little snap in the political symbolism department.”


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  1. not so fast my friend
    I believe he did address the budget problem – he asked everybody to scale back spending by 10%

    While it might not be what YOU think is the best thing to do, he is clearly not “ignoring” the problem.

    Personally, I'm WAY more concerned about our national debt, and it is a liberal, leftist Congress/President I have to thank for that.  

    • Yes
      Thank you liberal, leftist Republican Congress and President Bush for taking a balanced budget and blowing it up into deficit, then cratering the economy.

      Funny the selective amnesia Republicans pick up when a Democrat takes office.

      • Oh come ON
        I don't know if you realize this or not, but Bush is no longer in office. And dems have had control in Congress since 2 years before Barry O was elected, in case you forgot.

        You must be soooooo proud that your liberal economic policies have exponentially worsened the country's financial situation. You probably go to bed at night and giggle about how much the national debt will have grown when you wake up in the morning.

        Change, my ass. The only “change” your boys have made has been for the worse. I certainly don't want that kind of leadership in the governor's office.  

        • When this smarter president took over
          how long were Bush administration budgets being experienced?  You do realize budgets are planned & passed in advance of their designated time duration, right? So Obama's first year was under Bush “budget plans”. Of course this did not include the things Bush wouldn't even put on budget because well, there was no way they were planning on paying for those.

          If you're happy with Perry's crony government, your standards are as low as…as low as…as low as my opinion of your standards.

    • and
      Just to make sure you understand what Perry actually did –

      He joined the big three (Straus, Dewhurst) to request agencies submit Legislative Appropriations Requests that identify 10 percent worth of cuts that can be made in the next biennium, 2012-2013.  They do that every year to get good press.  Go back and look at how many of those same cuts were actually implemented last session.

      Separately, they requested agencies to identify 5 percent of cuts for the current biennium, 2010-2011.  The LBB then approved part of that, totaling $1.2 billion.

      Either way, there's no way his cuts reach even half of the projected $18 billion deficit Perry built up.  They don't even cover the structured deficit he created in his 2006 tax plan.  They don't even come close to the billions in federal stimulus dollars he accepted last session to balance the budget.

      He is ignoring the problem, even claiming that the LBB – an agency he sits on – plucked the deficit out of thin air, then suggesting there might not even be a deficit.

      The only thing he's actually doing is ginning up headlines to mislead people like you.

      • so –
        What would you do?

        And save the typical leftist solution of raising taxes for another economic climate and get creative.

          • It's pretty sad that his house is the issue the White team has chosen to focus on.

            You're barking up the wrong tree – Perry is smart, and has spent a long time giving himself a certain image. That image is one of a “simple kinda guy” with the drawling accent, cowboy boots, and casual swagger.

            The picture the White campaign is trying to paint of Perry (bigshot, putting on airs, etc) is not going to change a decades worth of exactly the opposite image.  

          • King Perry??
            A simple kinda guy?

            It costs more than $10,000 a month in rent, utilities and upkeep to house Perry in a five-bedroom, seven-bath mansion that has pecan-wood floors, a gourmet kitchen and three dining rooms. Perry has also spent $130,000 in campaign donations to throw parties, buy food and drink, and pay for cable TV and a host of other services since he moved in, the records show.


            Maintenance on the heated pool has cost taxpayers at least $8,400, and the tab for grounds and lawn maintenance has topped $44,000, the records show. All told, taxpayers have spent at least $592,000 for rent, utilities, repairs, furnishings and supplies since Perry moved in.

  2. And.
    I find it slightly comical that Mr. White, who left Houston in such a mess, has supporters that think he would magically do something different as governor. Dream on.  

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