TX-17: Bill Flores, Former Oil Executive, Defends BP as a “Victim”

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First Texas Governor Rick Perry pontificated on whether or not it was an “act of God.” Then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott rushed to BP's defense. Now Republican Bill Flores, a former oil executive recruited out of Houston to run in the TX-17 race, is hurrying to paint BP as the victim in the ongoing coverage of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

From an interview Flores did with the Madisonville Meteor on June 2, “Candidate Flores answers questions“:

“I don’t think it’s helpful at this point to be having a bunch of Congressional hearings and trying to make victims out of the companies involved,” he said. 

Congressman Chet Edwards was quick to respond:

“In light of the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history, which took 11 lives, coated our beaches in oil and will ultimately cost thousands of people their jobs, it is shameful that Mr. Flores is worried about protecting BP from being seen as a victim.  As a recently retired Houston offshore oil executive, Mr. Flores might not know who the victims of this tragedy are, but the American people certainly do.  Mr. Flores might spend his time worrying about BP being victimized, but I am a lot more interested in helping the true, hard-working, victims along our Gulf Coast.”

“I don't know if Mr. Flores is completely out of touch, or is just more interested in siding with his offshore oil friends rather than the everyday hard-working citizens and communities devastated by the BP disaster, but either way, it's sad that he doesn't know the difference between the perpetrator and victims of an economic and environmental disaster.”

Bill Flores defending BP? Good luck explaining that one for the next five months, Bill…

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  1. Like it or not Bill is right
    Holding Congressional hearings at this point in time does nothing but allow the windbags to give their canned 10 minute speeches with a 5 word question tacked on the end. All hearings right now would accomplish other than air time would be to take resources away from trying to solve the problem.  How about when its capped we have hearings about what happened and then who to blame.  Maybe those hearings will include reasons whay BP and others are having to drill at 5000 feet.

    After Obama finds out “whos ass to kick” we can ask him about all ofhis campaign promises like improved economy, transparency, etc, etc.  Who's gonna kick his ass?

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