The BP Blues. An Oil Gusher That Won't Stop

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Adios to a way of life that may be gone forever.

The photos of the wildlife in the Gulf region will break your hearts.

But, but, but, according to BP.

BP's soul mates, Republican politicians agree.

Republicans hate big government but now that big oil has trashed the Gulf of Mexico, Rick Perry and Republican governors are howling for big government to bail them out.

I wonder why the drill, baby, drill crowd has been mighty quiet of late.

Republicans sure loved the chant not so long ago.

A lawyer for the people.

A tough road lies ahead for all impacted by BP's devastating oil leak.  And yet Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants to continue to drill, baby, drill.

TX (R) Joe Barton, a pimped out tool for Halliburton agrees with LA Governor Bobby Jindal.

“I think putting our drilling programs in those areas in a deep freeze is exactly the wrong approach. All we're going to do is cause unemployment and cause the price of oil to go up, which is going to hurt our economy even more,” said Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

According to an article written in Politico yesterday,  Halliburton made 14 contributions to politicians in May alone.  Thirteen went to Republicans while one Democrat received Halliburton money.

Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and all Texas Republicans lie in bed with BP and Halliburton. All are focused on lining their personal pockets.  

None represent the needs of the people of Texas.  Please remind me why folks vote for politicians that work against their personal well-being and  financial security.

If you want to help those impacted by BP's devastating oil leak please visit here.


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