Rick Perry Blames DPS, Legislature for His Rental Mansion Extravagance

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Rick Perry is blaming everyone else for the fact that he lives in a $10,000-a-month rental mansion, refusing to take responsibility for his own extravagance. In an interview with KENS 5's Jeff Vaughn of San Antonio, Perry blames his security detail, the Department of Public Safety, and the Texas Legislature for the fact that he lives in the rental mansion. That raises some questions:

  • Did DPS or the Texas Legislature approve the $1,001 Neiman Marcus window drapes?
  • Did DPS or the Texas Legislature approve a $700 clothes rack?
  • Did DPS or the Texas Legislature tell Rick Perry to subscribe to Food & Wine Magazine?

As usual, Rick Perry is ducking his responsibility — wasting taxpayer dollars so he can live in an extravagant rental mansion while the state of Texas faces an $18 billion budget shortfall. That's to be expected — though not tolerated — from a career politician like Rick Perry, who cares only about his own election and not looking out for the future of Texas.

Watch the full interview at KENS-5 here, or watch the clip of Perry talking about the rental mansion below:

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

Vaughn: Governor, I know that you’re tied into social media. I follow you on twitter and facebook, so I went to my facebook followers and asked them if they had some questions for you.    You call yourself a fiscal conservative. You know that the mansion burned down. You are spending your time in a rental mansion. Tell me if I’m wrong or right. $10,000 a month for rent. So far that’s 600,000 dollars. This person says, “Governor  is that necessary to spend that much money?”   

Perry: I think it’s like 9000 dollars a month, but the fact is, the dollar amount is not what’s important here. I wish the mansion hasdn’t burned down. When we were asked to move out of the Governor’s mansion downtown, Anita and I said look whatever we need to do, and then the detail, the governor’s protective detail, those are the individuals that make the decision about where we are going to live. There’s requirements about where we live, and they made those decisions.  

Vaughn: Couldn’t you live in a smaller place, less expensive.  

Perry: That’s upto them. If we moved closer into town — We’re 14 mi out of town because that’s the closest place they were able to find that had the requirements. You have a substantial number  of people on the detail that actually take up the bulk of that room. We’re going to live wherever the Legislature and Department of Public Safety direct us to live. So hopefully we’ll get the mansion back in shape very soon and this issue won’t be on the table.  

Vaughn: How do you respond to your challenger Bill White? He says he would live in a reall nice apartment. 

Perry: I say, let’s get focused on what’s really important.

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  1. Curious
    Perry says that it is the DPS that makes that decision, his protection detail is the entity that made the decision for him to live in a $10,000 a month mansion, but is this the same DPS detail he leaves behind to go jogging and shooting coyotes?


  2. If one walks like a hypocrite, talks like a hypocrite
    and shills like a hypocrite, one is a hypocrite.  If Rick Perry were to take responsibility for anything I think the people of Texas would go into shock.  

  3. File an Open Records Request, BOR
    BOR, sure Rep D sent a letter asking for information, but it was not a formal open records request.

    File it.  Ask for all correspondence relating to the mansion substitution, the criteria given, and who gave it.

    Given the coup that Rick Perry has made over so much of the executive branch and the micro managing of A&M and other pet projects, I find it VERY hard to believe he was just an innocent bi-stander waiting for his $9000/month dorm assignment.

  4. Wait a Minute…
    So, his Royal Highness is saying (in this interview) that he lives in this million dollar mansion because the Governor's Mansion burned down?

    Well, just to keep the facts straight…the governor didn't move into the new mansion because the old mansion burned down…he moved there originally (in October 2007) because the Governor's Mansion was undergoing renovations.

    And he had more say in all of it than he admits to lately according to this 2007 Dallas/Fort Worth Channel 11/21 article:

    …All bedrooms in the home are upstairs, a feature Perry liked, said spokesman Robert Black. The upstairs bedrooms give the family “a level of privacy” while hosting guests, he said. [emphasis added.]

    Well, I wonder if he's met Grace, yet?

    The home is being leased from Murell Campbell through his daughter and son-in-law, Melinda and Guy Grace. Grace has contributed $2,500 a year to Perry's campaign every year since 2005, but Black said Perry has not met Grace. [emphasis added.]

    I also wonder how Lucy is doing what with all the coyotes running loose on the grounds:

    In addition to a $9,900 security deposit, the Perrys will pay a $1,800 pet deposit so they can bring along their 5-year-old daschund, Lucy, according to the lease agreement. [emphasis added.]

    Oh, Dear Governor. Really?:

    Perry:“…We're going to live wherever the Legislature and Department of Public Safety direct us to live…”

  5. saulburowyne on

    A Gigantic Loss
    If this is what Bill White spends the summer talking about, he will lose. No question about it. Step up your game, TDP. I know you people feed BOR with talking points.

    And yes, I did say “YOU PEOPLE.”

    • We The People

      Step up your game, TDP. I know you people feed BOR with talking points.

      This is a community blog. Nobody feeds me with talking points. But I do love cookies.

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