TX-10: Mike McCaul Votes Against Troops Before Memorial Day Weekend

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Going into the Memorial Day weekend, Republican Michael McCaul, voted against funding for America's troops and their families.

“As Americans prepare to honor our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, Representative Michael McCaul was in Washington voting against the bill to fund our troops on the battlefield,” said Ryan Rudominer, National Press Secretary of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It's outrageous that Representative McCaul would talk about supporting the troops but then play politics by voting against the funding they need to keep the American people safe. Our men and women in uniform and their families deserve better.”

What did the bill do?

  • The Defense Authorization for FY 2011 (H.R. 5136) authorizes $726 billion for defense programs in FY 2011 [HR 5136, #336, 5/28/10].
  • The measure includes $159 billion in FY2011 to support operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the general war on terrorism.
  • This includes authorizing $33 billion in FY 2010 funds to support the surge of additional forces in Afghanistan and relief operations in Haiti.
  • The legislation also calls for a 1.9 % pay increase for military personnel.

In the past year, McCaul has voted against families, health care, education and now our troops. McCaul is on the wrong side of consistency.

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  1. mjwatts1983 on

    I wonder why he voted against the bill

    Could it possibly been the Murphy Amendment (AKA: Overturning Don't Ask, Don't Tell/DADT)?

    The Republicans in Congress are an embarrassment. A 5-year old could come up with better solutions than “NO!”

    I am surprised that I have what should be Republican positions in my political points of view.

    The Democratic position in overturning DADT is the promotion of social justice and equal opportunity in employment.

    The Republican position should be playing the patriotism card. If gays want to serve, let 'em serve. 75% of the public support overturning DADT. 60% of REPUBLICANS support overturning DADT.

    Instead, we hear arguments that are almost similar to what was said in the 1930s and 40s in preventing the integration of the armed forces. Thank goodness President Truman had the guts to issue Executive Order 9981 in 1948.

    As a Veteran, I am getting sick and tired of this “Patriotism, but only when it is convenient” by the Republicans. Even though I don't live in his district, I guess Rep. McCaul did not read my letter to see why someone not in his district took the time to write him.


    I have one thing to say to him:

    What Jon Stewart says!

  2. Win-Win
    If this bill gets passed, we get DODT taken out of military policy.  While I am all for and an advocate of full equality for all people regardless of their sexual orientation, I would find this victory minuscule in comparison to the alternate victory.

    If this bill gets voted down, we have Republican voting to defund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, something we can't even get Democrats to do.  And how do we do it?  By having them vote against a provision that is supported by a vast majority of the country.  This means the Republicans are voting against that which they say is the most important issue which faces our nation for the sole purpose of keeping a discriminatory provision against gays.

    We should have done this years ago.

    • living in thr present
      the American people and more importantly McCaul's district understand D's are the ones playing politics with our military.

      The hope and change rhetoric has given way to same old politics. Of course hope is a strategy especially if you don't know what you're doing. AKA Obama leadership.

      new poll out

      Gallup's generic polling shows the number of voters saying that they would vote for Republicans rising three points from last week, while the number saying they will vote for Democrats dropped four points.  The 49%-43% lead for the Republicans is the largest that the pollster has ever recorded for the party.  Moreover, Democratic enthusiasm for voting this fall fell a point, while enthusiasm among Republicans stayed about fifteen points higher.  This indicates an even wider lead for Republicans once Gallup imposes a likely voter screen this fall

      • National generic ballot advantage
        evaporates when actual candidates start getting scrutiny. Check results in the late John Murtha's district.

  3. DCCC thinks TX-10 is “competitive”
    I asked the DCCC why they made this press release.  The answer: “We send them out from time to time in any districts that we think could be competitive.”

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