Texas Round-Up

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  • Republican Rep. Debbie Riddle announced her intention to file another Voter ID bill in the 2011 session. Maybe it will include a poll tax to help fill the $18 billion budget shortfall.
  • The EPA is taking over permitting of some Texas manufacturing and refining plants because the state isn't doing its job to meet the Clean Air Act.
  • Via Quorum Report, word from Republican Party of Texas chair candidate Tom Mechler that sitting Chair Cathie Adams is running up debt at the state party.

    It appeared that Adams has been misrepresenting the Party's cash on hand by treating money raised for the convention as though it were operating money. Of the $230,000 the Party has raised for the convention, only $110,000 has been paid out; the rest is already obligated, but Adams' is acting like it isn't. Furthermore, the convention is expected to cost nearly $600,000, and Adams has raised only $230,000. If she can't raise the rest in a matter of weeks, the RPT will not be less in debt, but more in debt than ever before. And it doesn't look like she will, as she's already had to cancel major fundraisers due to lack of support from big dollar donors.

    Cathie Adams responded…

    “Everything in that release is a lie.  Mechler does not have the access to the books to be able to make those claims.  It's Russ Duerstine (an SREC member) who is running his campaign and feeding him this information.”

  • Democratic Rep. Mike Villarreal has been honored as a Man of the Year by San Antonio magazine.
  • Austin's 2nd Street is being honorarily renamed Willie Nelson Blvd. There is discussion of this on my facebook page.
  • Speaking of downtown Austin, you can now start signing up for the June 5th Downtown Culture Cruise (on bicycle).
  • Barbara Radnofsky is the highlighted TDP candidate of the week. Here's her video.


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