An Austin Tribute to Determination

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It was fun… Last night, local enviro-activists and luminaries gathered at the Barr Mansion to roast, pay tribute to, and raise funds for– Paul Robbins.

Paul has earned some unusual local fame. Best known as City Hall's favorite ankle-biter, he's also creator/editor/publisher of The Austin Environmental Directory and probably the world's only unpaid environmentalist to have a district cooling plant named after him.

re – the Directory…

re – the Chiller…

Paul began his work in the mid-70s as part of Austin's legendary Tuesday Night Lemonade Club, a group credited with catalyzing the local movement for greener governance. Recently retired Austin Energy General Manager and former city councilman, Roger Duncan, credits Paul with originating many of the energy efficiency program ideas that later lifted Roger to international green-guru status. The two began their work together in the lemonade club.

Roger's roast highlights — (paraphrased)

“Paul, I've been waiting years for this moment… People have often told me I am an unusually patient man — you may be the best teacher of patience there is! (irony intended)… and, when I think of Paul, I'm reminded of William Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar … when Ceasar says, 'Who is that man? He is lean, he reads too much! Make him fat…'”


The Austin Environmental Directory is now in its 7th edition. The magazine is a “yellow pages” of local environmental issues and solutions. Written and funded mostly by Paul, but revered and referred to by thousands — look for it at your favorite businesses around town. Or visit the website to download it in sections via pdf http://environmentaldirectory…. The Environmental Directory project is accepting donations via its website.

Here's to Paul — and the greater Austin community.  


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