LSP: “Why is Rick Perry Defending BP?”

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The Lone Star Project is asking a question more reporters and papers should be asking, “Why is Rick Perry defending BP?”

The Lone Star Project has produced and released an impressive and scary video showing BP's track record in Texas and Rick Perry's constant apologies for the corporation.

While Rick Perry fails to disclose how he became a multi-millionaire while in public office for a quarter century, his business ties continue to be troubling. In the wake of one of the worse environmental disasters, Perry has turned the Governor's mansion into a public relations house for British Petroleum (BP).

It makes sense he would be quick to defend the multi-billion dollar, multi-national energy company, they been scratching each others backs for years.

Again, from the Lone Star Project:

  • When Rick Perry needed to raise money to restore the Governor's Mansion after a major fire, he turned to his friends at BP. According to the Austin American-Statesman, “The largest donation is $250,000 from energy giant BP America.” (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 30, 2009)
  • Perry paid BP for jobs already in Texas

    Perry gave BP $750,000 to create 150 jobs in League City, Texas. It was soon revealed that, “50 already work for BP and live in the area.” One expert called it, “a classic case of getting paid for doing what you're going to do anyway.” (The Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2005)
  • Perry has been widely criticized for his Texas Enterprise Fund after a report revealed that almost half of the companies that received taxpayer dollars have, “failed or struggled to meet job goals.” The companies, including key player in the subprime mortgage market Countrywide Home Loans, have been given a total of $363 million taxpayer dollars. (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 28, 2010)

This is a tragedy. If Rick Perry wants to be the spokesperson and defend BP, then I am sure Bill White would be happy to take over as the Governor of Texas.


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  1. amanda.domaschk on

    Bill White for your county!
    Hey guys, if you are interested in starting a blog to support Bill White in your county or area please let me know! Another volunteer and I are very excited about the success of our little blog and would like to show others how to do the same.

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  2. This is a dangerous line of attack
    First, BP is a leading contributor to just about everybody, including leading Democrats.

    Second, almost everything Perry says is “fire for effect”. There is no depth to it. But, then that is also true of the LSP. Here's the problem: These tiresome interchanges increase excitement on the right, but it is not clear at all that such predictable responses from the LSP/BOR do anything about either a torpid Democratic base or the sort of moderate Republicans Bill White is pitching to and probably already has.

    Third, what is new and intriguing here is Bill White's “White Paper”. This goes to what we really need: A suggestion that Democrats are really prepared to govern, not just to bicker with the GOP in public while courting every lobby in private.

    Clive Crook at the Financial Times has taken notice and compared Bill White with Rick Perry in such a way as to make Bill and, I hope, the rest of our ticket look very credible by contrast. This is very encouraging.

    • Baby Snooks on

      It was an “act of god”
      AP is reporting that the explosion was caused by a methane bubble. Something that just happens. And is a risk in all offshore drilling. And is just an “act of god” like Rick Perry said. And apparently BP's safety record on the driling rigs is different from BP's safety record in the refineries. But, well, hey, it's politics, you know? Why not make an issue of it? Even if there is no issue.  Particularly if there is no other issue to raise.

      Maybe Bill White should try the “gay governor” approach. Maybe he will have better luck with it than Kay Bailey Hutchison did. He can always say he read it on Burnt Orange Report. Like everyone else. So of course it must be true.

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