Valinda Bolton Ready with Strong Reelection Staff

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Valinda Bolton is, once again, probably the Travis County House Democrat most in danger of losing a reelection campaign.  By now a veteran of tough campaigns, she today announced her reelection campaign core.  

Elizabeth Hartman, who's been through the ropes with Representative Bolton before, will once again head up Bolton's reelection team.  Also joining Representative Bolton will be the top two men from the Karen Sage campaign, Jim Wick and Shawn Badgley, who will be the Field Director and Deputy Field Director, respectively.

Hartman will likely run a steady ship from now until November, because she's done so before.  And, after all, it isn't hard to make a stellar representative who has formed coalitions to secure lasting drinking water and improved road security measures.

Wick and Badgley, meanwhile, are coming off running one of the stronger field campaigns Travis County has seen in recent years.  Although most local politicos thought that Montford was headed to a victory, Sage won precisely because she had a very, very strong field organization.  It will be exciting to see the Bolton reelection campaign with a similar force.


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  1. Go Team Valinda!
    Jim Wick rocked it with Karen Sage's race and when she won, I told Jim to go help more great women get elected – glad to see he took my advice! 😉

    I'm looking forward to blockwalking for Rep. Bolton for a third term!

  2. Good news
    These guys can win, and Valinda is a worthy candidate. I look forward to seeing how this race runs. Smart team, smart candidate.

    Nice combination.

  3. TexianPolitico on

    Which politicos?
    Which politicos thought Montford was heading to victory? I said on here several times that I though Sage would win and be around the precentage I predicted. I called it 55-45 for Sage and it was close to that. Anyone that thought Montford would win doesn't truly understand the mind of the average Democratic primary voter in Travis Co.

    Now however when I predict that the Republicans will make big gains in Texas and all across the nation in Nov. I'm labeled an idiot.  

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