UPDATED: Rick Perry Abandoned by Top Fundraisers

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Trouble in paradise?  Texas Republican Rick Perry had two long time fundraisers bail on his campaign today.

Leslie Sullivan and Krystle Alvarado, two top fundraisers for Gov. Rick Perry, left the Perry campaign after the March primary, the campaign has confirmed.

Asked about the change, a campaign spokeswoman did not have a reason for their departure.

Katie Wilson, previously the deputy finance director, is now the campaign's top fundraiser.

Not sure what the reasons, but the Perry campaign is playing this close to the vest. Team Perry isn't known for hiding from good news, something is clearly wrong in the campaign. Rumors are swirling that Perry has seen a massive drop off in fundraising and has had trouble getting in some big checks.  

The resignation could be a firing or it could be Republican operatives are seeing the writing on the wall and leaving the sinking ship. Regardless, this comes as an unwanted surprise on the heels of being caught in multiple lies.

More as information becomes available.

Update: It appears the Perry campaign refused to pay two top fundraisers what they felt they were worth.

From the Jason Embry update:

UPDATE: Several sources familiar with the situation have said Sullivan and Alvarado could not reach an agreement with campaign leadership over how much they should be paid.

This again begs the question, why can't Perry afford to pay his top two successful fundraisers?

Rick vs. Kay speculated why they might have quit the campaign with less than 200 days left.

More likely, as is the case with many women in their careers, they are taking some time off to start families or spend more time with their existing families… I am pretty sure the Sullivans have young kids… and I don't really know Krystle Alvarado's situation…

It could also be the case that they parted ways for some other reason. Money, hectic work schedule, and other things are often reasons for people quitting campaigns…

It is good to see these two, capable women were more than able to balance a career and job. Instead it is simply, Rick Perry was happier to underpay two talented women, than make them chose between a job or a family.


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  1. Well.
    That's probably not good news for Perry. And when you consider how strong Bill White's fundraising became once he switched to the Governor's race…. He bested all of the GOP nope-fuls leading up to the primary.

    Maybe his fundraisers took a look at the state budget and realized that Perry doesn't know how to manage money — his or anyone else's. Or maybe they just felt like tools for spending what, $225,000 on some vanity race car?

    Oh well. Another day, another story about how Rick Perry can't make financial ends meet.  

  2. TexianPolitico on

    I think we are all kidding ourselves if we don't think Perry will have gobs of money to spend on his re-election.  

    • but how many gobs?
      Of course he will have gobs of money.  But that doesn't mean that he will have an ungodly amount of gobs.

      Nor does it even necessarily mean he will always best White.  Remember that one month earlier this year where White outraised each Perry and Hutchison?

      Obviously, we'll see soon.

    • Right now?
      Seems she could wait a few months…if the money had been right. November isn't that far off and then she would be in an even better place financially to slow down.

  3. Fundraising
    Sometimes you need more money than you thought you would…and the fundraisers you have aren't the fundraisers you need.

  4. Insulting to insinuate that the fundraisers left to “spend time with family”
    I find the statement from the Rick Vs. Kay blog insulting –  where the writer muses that the fundraisers likely left to “spend time with family”.  I mean, come on – just because they're women, they're likely to leave their high-powered jobs to spend time with kids?  If these were two male fundraisers leaving Perry's camp, no one would ever assume they were leaving to spend time with their families.  

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