Rick Perry: Why a Rental Mansion?

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Rick Perry is courting the Tea Party and the far right, Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party. Why then is he spending $9,000 a month of taxpayer dollars on a rental mansion?

This isn't just a secure house for the Governor to live in while the mansion is being repaired. This is a luxurious Governor's mansion for the stars.

While living in this mansion, Perry compared himself to hurricane evacuees who lost their homes. While Texas families tighten their belts, why should we pay for Perry's extravagant rental mansion?

As we wrote on September 2008, Perry once said, “I absolutely understand they want to get back to their homes … I'd like to get back to the mansion.”

Keep in mind, Perry moved out of the Governor's Mansion after a scheduled face-lift and subsequent vandalism (read arson).

The Governor's Mansion, a designated National Historic Landmark, is set for a facelift starting this fall. In addition to new plumbing, the project will include lead and asbestos abatement and an effort to preserve some of the historic pine wood used around the windows.


Since moving in October 2007, Perry has spent over $300,000 in rent, in addition to a $9,900 security deposit, and the state paid a $1,800 pet deposit.

That's fiscal conservatism at work.

If the video and amount don't upset you, read an original write up of the rental mansion on CBS 11.  


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  1. 5% cut
    I assume he has already negotiated with the landlord for the $250 a month less he will be paying as his part of the across the board 5% cut in state budget.

  2. How long is too long?
    Rick Perry, the longest serving governor in the history of Texas, has been on the public payroll since 1984. That was when he was first elected a state representative — before he was agriculture commissioner (1990), long before he was lt. governor (1998).

    Rick Perry has essentially never held an honest job, never drawn a paycheck that wasn't paid for with your taxes. Yet he runs for office as an outsider (despite what he claims in that Newsweek interview). He was a Democrat until 1989, and became a TeaBagger earlier this year when that came into vogue.

    A generation of Texans have been born, raised, gone to college or work — or not, more than likely — and had children of their own not knowing any other governor besides Rick Perry.

    How long is too long to be governor of Texas? How much of Rick Perry is too much?

  3. Come on
    Guys, like the man or not, the Governor of Texas is a head of state and a pretty important official.  The office should come with a place where official guests can be entertained and official business conducted.

    That said, lets make sure Bill White is living there come next January.

  4. Conservative?
    Pat, I agree but I am a liberal democrat, not a conservative, budget cutting, teaparty good ole boy. I know what the goose is getting, what is good for the gander?

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