Hill Country Ride for AIDS – it's not about me

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The Hill Country Ride for AIDS is next Saturday. I've raised way more than the minimum, so I'm writing a diary about the Ride in general, and ask for donations for others. This ride is full of amazing, wonderful, beautiful people. Come with me below the fold & seeAbout the Ride:

The Hill Country Ride for AIDS is an annual cycling event that rolls through beautiful central Texas this April 24, 2010.  Riders and volunteers raise money for life saving support for thousands of Central Texans living with HIV/AIDS.  It's a Ride, not a race, all levels are welcomed and celebrated. [and might I add – thank FSM for that or I wouldn't be able to participate] You choose the distance that best suites you: 10, 45, 65, 100 miles or our scenic mountain bike trail, and all routes are fully supported with helpful volunteers.

This ride is wonderful & amazing. The amazing David Smith, our Ride Director, says that we get a glimpse of the way the world should be on this ride and it is true. There are people who have signed up for the Ride, whi haven't made their minimum, so I'm asking for people to make a general donation. I know times are tight and lots of other people are asking for money, but this is different. These donations will directly help out people who really need it. Food and counseling and assistance with housing and legal matters — these are real things that people really need. So, please make a general donation to the Hill Country Ride for AIDS if you can.

Again, in the words of the website: The Hill Country Ride for AIDS has quickly grown to be one of the most loved events of the year. A Hill Country Rider summed it up for many when he said “The fellowship and commitment to the cause is so strong on this Ride, and the money goes where it belongs. I am so proud! I'll be back.” The Hill Country Ride for AIDS is for all levels. The spirit permeating the event is that it's a ride, not a race. Everyone is welcome, and when asked why they ride, some will say it's about riding to honor a loved one, some will say it's about a physical challenge and achieving more than they ever thought they could, for some it's about trying to do something really big to help people living with AIDS. Everyone will say it's an incredible weekend of a community coming together to show that when we care, nothing can stand in our way.

There are more people than ever living with AIDS. They all need our love and support. By being a part of the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, we not only show our neighbors living with AIDS that we are with them, we are also doing something big to provide critical services for our neighbors and friends who need us.

Here's the 2010 Ride video, it will tell you about how amazing & wonderful this ride is:

And I say that the love that this ride generates – among the riders, the crew, the volunteers & the donors – is so amazing that I have no fear they'll miss the goal. Even though it is only a week away & there is still half of the way to go. $700,000 is a lot of money to try to raise any time, but this year the economy sucks, there are primaries coming up or just finished, and many have given a lot of money to earthquake relief in Haiti. But I really think that love & goodness generate more of themselves, and the Ride will blow past that $700,000 goal like a pro cyclist crossing the finish line after a sprint. You can help by making a general donation. If you're in the Austin area, or near Krause Springs, I bet they could use volunteers. Help the riders who want to ride but haven't raised their minimum. Thanks!


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  1. tip jar
    please donate using the “general donation” links in the diary, or you can get to the general donation page from the link in my signature, if those aren't working

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