Chet Edwards, “Opening statement on 2010 campaign”

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This is how you craft an e-mail.

This morning, Chet Edwards' campaign manager Alex Youn released a statement from the Congressman about his upcoming general election and a brief statement about his opponent Bill Flores.

“This race will focus on two key facts.  First, I am a champion for our veterans and military families and have worked effectively on a bipartisan basis for jobs and economic development for our district.

Second, Mr. Flores has been recruited by Washington, D.C. insiders to try to buy our district's congressional seat with millions of dollars he has made as a Houston oil executive, even though he has never once voted in a general election in our district-not even once.”

Campaigns, take note on this e-mail. It is four paragraphs long. It includes an introduction paragraph, a two paragraph statement, and an ask. If you are running a state house race of larger, you should sign up to get the campaign updates.

It also includes a contribution and a volunteer button as well as a video from the Congressman.

The message may sound similar.

This is incredibly smart. While Flores is coming off a nasty and brutal primary, Edwards is already moving forward with his campaign. Flores' campaign is being run by Republican consultant and Kay Bailey Hutchison apologist Matt Mackowiak who has shown time and time again he is both willing and ready to go negative at any time.

Regardless, of how Republican the district is, the Edwards campaign seems ready for re-election and the first e-mail out is highly encouraging.  


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  1. TexianPolitico on

    How about an analyses of the Sage-Montford race
    I think I predicted that Sage would win. Some folks on here thought I was crazy, but I said that Sage would win 55-45 (I was prrtty close) and that the “crypto-Republican” and “DINO” labels would stick on her in the run-off. It didn't matter that the establishment of Watson, Leffingwell, et al were behind Montford. Her donation from John Bradley and lobbyists in the past was just too much.  

  2. TexianPolitico on

    Not sure how smart it is…
    …because I thought as an incumbent you want to avoid mentioning your opponent and not do anything to raise them to your level or lower yourself to theirs. Just look at Jerry Voorhis in 1946 if you need an example of that. He challenged some unknown guy to a series of debates and the rest is history.

    The only way this is smart however is if you believe you are in for a very rough reelection fight and need to start the offensive early. Edwards has been in some tough races, so I give him credit for that.

    • Most will give him a pass
      The Democratic base won't turn out to vote for Chet Edwards, but they will turn out to vote for Bill White and stick around to vote for Edwards. Activists understand that Edwards is about as liberal as possible for his district. We're keen on punishing people like Blanche Lincoln whose states like the public option (even as they don't like the overall HCR measure), and whose opposition made life miserable for HCR advocates in the Senate, not folks like Edwards whose vote wasn't really needed.  

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