Rick Perry's National Ambition is Great News for Texas, Folks

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Rick Perry spent the last year tearing down Texas' Senior Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, as indicative of everything that is wrong with our nation's capitol today.  Perry framed the popular female political figure as a “Washington Bureaucrat” not worthy of representing Texas.  It was just over a year ago that Perry couldn't decide if he was running for President of Texas or Governor of Texas as his cries for secession became a national phenomenon for Tea Party activists.  Now comes word that Rick Perry wants to take his problem-causing skills to Washington D.C.—the very entity he has crucified for more than a year. Perry's national ambition is great news for Texas, folks.  He now wishes to become a “Washington Bureaucrat.”    

Perry claimed on FOX News that his attendance in New Orleans was a “recruiting trip for businesses to come to Texas.”  Really? Awfully hard to recruit businesses to Texas when you're reciting tall tales about your leadership during Hurricane Katrina, tossing out red meat rhetoric, and buffing up your national resume at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Who did you recruit, Rick?  Big pocket, national donors and activists or a publishing company that will write your tall tale, fictional account of leadership?  

Rick Perry can be the George Allen of the 2010 election cycle. As Jim Webb did to George Allen's presidential ambitions, Bill White can halt Perry's thirst to extend his political career beyond the Lone Star State. I say if a career politician like Rick Perry wants to go to Washington DC so bad then let him get a head start by electing a problem-solver in Bill White come November.

First, Texans can elect as their governor a man with decorated leadership in Bill White versus one whose leadership is based on fiction. Second, White can get to work cleaning up the mess that Rick Perry and Texas Republicans have created in Austin after over a decade of domination of state government. Third, Texans can elect in Bill White someone who actually wants to be Governor of Texas with no interest in burnishing their national credentials for a bigger political prize.

Oh yes, Rick Perry's national ambition is great news for Texas, folks. We have a chance to move Texas forward in November and I say lets get to moving.    


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  1. Rick Perry succeeded w in 2000, and w
    was in his 2nd term at the time (albeit not quite half done).

    So we've had these clowns running the state into the ground for fifteen years now. Time to boot 'em out.

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