The Choice For TX-21 in November

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It's Time To Say YES To Lainey Melnick

Shares Texas Values

Lainey Melnick was born on a US Air Force Base in 1962. The second daughter of hard-working parents from the midwest, she has lived in two countries, seven states and has experienced the American Dream. Her search for a permanent home ended when she and her husband found the perfect community to raise their family. Lainey has spent a quarter of her life as a Texan, and is proud to call Austin home.Work Ethic

Getting a work permit to begin work at age 14, Lainey worked her way through the University of Wisconsin, gained strength from a life replete with fresh starts, and developed the ability to negotiate and communicate from the business world. Lainey was named “Salesperson of the Year” for an international computer product manufacturer before working as a Product Line Manager and Director of Marketing in the computerized video field. Named as inventor on the patent application, Lainey earned PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for her product. Our community will benefit from a forward-thinking representative who understands that labor is the backbone of Central Texas.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A capitalist at heart, Lainey Melnick is a small business owner. Since 1998, Lainey has owned and operated LinkToAustin Preferred Properties Real Estate Brokerage. She has owned 3 prior businesses including Arizona Sight & Sound Video Production, Inc., specializing in non-linear video editing where she developed one of the first video websites in 1995, and was awarded the distinction of “Top 5% of the Web.” Our community will grow from a representative who values technology and supports business interests. Lainey knows how to create an environment where our economy will thrive.

Family First

Lainey has always made her family the top priority. Married to an electrical engineer, she is the mother of four children, aged 7 to 22, two with special needs. Her eldest daughter is a Cordon Bleu chef and is married to a UT graduate who is a teacher in Central Texas. They have made Lainey the proud grandma to two identical twin boys. Our community deserves a representative who shares the family values of Central Texas: a commitment to community, faith and service.

Actions Deliver

Lainey has been standing up for justice, equality, and liberty from childhood. Committed to doing her part to make the world a better place for all Americans, she has worked with the youngest victims of Hurricane Katrina, volunteered to direct readers for the blind and dyslexic, was the Central Texas Deputy Field Organizer for Obama for America, and worked to become the Travis County Regional Leader for Organizing for America.

It is time that our district had a representative who will take action. Someone who will look out for your interests, and not the special interests. Someone who will wear out the soles of her shoes, and not the seat cushion of her chair. That is exactly what Lainey Melnick will do as your representative.

It's Time To Say NO To Lamar Smith

Texan Lost

Lamar Smith has spent much of the past 23 years as our Congressman living in his million dollar Cape Cod home while rarely visiting his Central Texas constituents. He continues to offer his ear and votes only to the wealthy and the special interests who fund his campaigns. He has forgotten what it means to be a Texan, and why he was sent to Capitol Hill in the first place. He has cast votes against our troops, our veterans, our seniors, our women, our children, our environment, our economy, and it's time we cast our vote for true representation of our community.

Big Spender

Lamar Smith is an accomplice to decades of irresponsible behavior leading to the ticking time bomb of our deficit. This Washington insider is a product of the corrupt ethics of a bygone era. One of the biggest spenders, Smith's joint earmarks out-spend Central Texas Democrats Congressmen Gonzales, Cuellar and Doggett at over $26M per year. It's time that our community had a representative who understands the fundamental principle that you don't spend money that you don't have.

Fiscally Irresponsible

Smith supports big government and increased debt. In addition to voting for the unprecedented $700B economic bailout which will cost taxpayers $109B, he also voted for the largest unfunded increase to the entitlement of Medicare, which cost taxpayers over $549B, created the donut hole, gave millions in subsidies to large employers, and drove our record deficits and health care into crisis. Smith created the situation that needed to be fixed with the current health insurance reform law. Our community deserves a representative who puts people over politics, and who believes in smarter, cost-effective and efficient government.

Flip Flopper

While building his conservative career on the illusion of raising restrictions for legal and illegal immigration into the United States, Lamar Smith has actually introduced legislation that would increase the cap on the number of H-1B visas allowed per year from 65,000 to 195,000 retroactively. This would create an influx of highly educated foreign workers taking the high paying jobs (for less) that Americans need while our economy is recovering. More than half of the increase in illegal immigration each year results from people overstaying their expired visas. Our community needs to trust that our representative has the integrity and passion to stand up for our interests, to fight against special interests and the party lines to bring home real solutions to Central Texas.

Out of Touch

Millionaire Lamar Smith is the 54th richest Congressperson. His votes show a lack of compassion, empathy and understanding of the struggles of middle America. His purely political tactics have now been exposed as he tells conservatives that he pledges to repeal the new health insurance reforms, while admitting to the press that a repeal is unrealistic, and the constitutional case against the law is weak and unlikely to win.Yet, he is willing to run on a platform to take away health care from our neighbors in an effort to pander to his base. This would hurt over 35% of our population of all ages, 95% of our seniors, almost 300,000 of our neighbors who are either uninsured or are already on a government insurance program. Our community deserves a representative who understands today's struggles, and will represent all of our neighbors, not only the wealthy, but also the most vulnerable.

“If you feel that your voice isn't being heard, if you are tired of the failed policies of Lamar Smith, and if you have a vision for a brighter tomorrow, then please join me, Lainey Melnick, in taking action to win in November 2010.”




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Lainey Melnick

Candidate for US Congress

Texas 21st District

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