Huge response to Cash for Appliance Clunkers stimulus program

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While the Cash for Clunkers vehicle program got tons of ink in the press and Cheeto dust on the blogs, not much has been said about the appliance stimulus program, which kicks off today in Texas. Over $20 million is available for rebates when buying Energy Star or CEE rated air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters (including solar) etc. Rebates are pretty good, ranging from $45 for a window AC unit to $1600 for an air source heat pump. Rebates must be reserved, with a waiting list after total funds are initially reserved. Reservations started at 7 AM this morning and they tweeted that they were getting 1700 web hits per second and 1000 phone calls a minute around 11 AM.

This is only for replacements – get rid of your old inefficient refrigerator and get a new energy saving one. There is an additional $75 if you recycle your old appliance, though this is something you have to handle independently. Two rebates per household, in different categories, and you need two separate reservations.

Plenty of money left at this point – only 15% has been reserved.… or 1-877-780-3039.

Hard to get through, so keep trying.


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  1. As usual Texas fails to deliver
    decent consumer services to its residents.  

    None of my colleagues at work or neighbors at home were able to get through, either online or by phone.  No one is happy about it either.

    But then Texas has a horrible record of delivering federal program life lines, like food stamps, to its residents.

    On the state level, Texas may as well be a third world banana republic.  It takes 3-6 hours to get a driver's license renewed in a DPS in Houston.   Somehow the computers don't always work.   The staff is razor thin and overworked.



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