TX-17: Republican Bill Flores Caught in Lie

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Tell me Republican Bill Flores isn't caught in a lie.

The Lone Star Project has caught Republican Bill Flores in a lie.

On February 2, 2010 at a Republican debate, Bill Flores was asked directly by his GOP Primary opponent, Rob Curnock, who he had voted for in the 2008 General Election. Without missing a beat, Flores said, “I voted for you.” He went on to repeat two more times that he had voted in 2008 for Rob Curnock, the 2008 Republican congressional nominee in CD17.


Official voting records from the Brazos County voter registrar, however, show that Bill Flores DID NOT VOTE AT ALL in the 2008 General Election. (Source: Brazos County Voter Registration Department)In fact, the only 2008 voting activity by Bill Flores was a vote he cast in the 2008 DEMOCRATIC Primary. The Texas Tribune also reported earlier this week that Flores skipped the 2008 General election (Source: Texas Tribune, March 29, 2010). The facts and the record are clear: Bill Flores did not vote for Rob Curnock and when asked about his vote, Flores spun an elaborate lie.

This is a stupid lie. This is someone who doesn't realize voting records are public information. He lies to the people in CD-17 because he wants to win and then lies again by omission when he fails to mention he didn't even vote in the 2008 general election.  Makes sense he wouldn't fess up since in 2008, Flores voted in the Democratic Primary and now he has decided to run as a Republican.

Flores is a joke, a liar, and has already shown he is a political opportunist. Maybe that's why Republican shill and Kay Bailey Hutchison apologist Matt Mackowiak is Flores consultant and media contact.

Bill Flores is running against Democratic incumbent Chet Edwards in the 17th Congressional District. He has been recruited and supported by the National Republican Campaign Committee and Pete Sessions.


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  1. Man this is sweet stuff
    It feels that Flores has been a “gaffe” fly as of late. Throw in the Hispanic last name and I feel his chances of winning the primary are sinking.

    Now, someone correct me on this, is it better for us Democrats to face Curnock this fall than Flores, yes or no?

    • Bring on Curnock.
      We definitely want to face Curnock.  He has no money, no institutional support, and he's run for this seat and lost 3 times in the past.  Curnock is an annoying, bad joke.

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