Puppy pics for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS

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So in 22 days, I'll be doing the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. It is a 1-day event, with varying ride distances, raising money for agencies that assist people in Austin & Travis County affected by HIV & AIDS. This is a cause that is dear to my heart, there are people who I adore who are HIV+, and I always try to raise a lot of money for this cause. Come with me below the fold & I'll inject some cuteness & levity into my appeal. Warning, cuteness & silliness follows.I'll be honest, I have not trained enough for this ride. When I contemplate riding even the shortest distance, I feel like this puppy:


But I'm still going to train hard for the next 22 days, and I'll do my best. Even though not being in good shape kind of builds on itself – I'm more tired because I'm out of shape, and so forth.

My get up n go...  got up n went!

The Ride has raised 31% of their goal. Now, a lot of these events get most of their money in the closing weeks, but I'd like it a lot better if they were over 50%. I set my goal crazy high – $10,000 to make a statement. This Ride is important, they really need to raise a lot of money. I've raised %1500, which is 15% of my goal. The top fundraiser right now has raised $5,500. No one has raised enough money for this event. So, I'm gonna have the dogs ask for money:

funny pictures of dogs with captions

Now, I would really like it if this happened to someone & they decided to donate to the AIDS Ride:

funny pictures of dogs with captions

but in the real world, any donation is welcome. Even if $5 is ll you can spare, it would be welcome. Please donate here if you can.

Also, I need helmet decorating ideas. I can't do this


and a plain helmet is boring, so any ideas – ones easily accomplished by a non-crafty person – are welcome.

I, and the woozles, and most especially the people these agencies help, really appreciate it.

Please donate – you can get to the home page from my link & make a general donation if you want, just please donate if you can.


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