Dear Google: Big Gig Austin is No Joke

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Last week, the CIty of Austin submitted its formal application to Google in an attempt to earn the tech giant's nod as a test city for a superfast 1 Gagbit Fiber Network built by Google. As one of over 1,100 cities submitting applications, what I'm more proud of is the grassroots nature of how the Austin proposal and bid came to be. (For more background on the the experimental network and why everyone is craving to have Google choose them, read here and here.

Starting with a volunteer website at, it bloomed into a Facebook campaign over 5,500 strong and a Twitter presence over 600, not to mention nearly 8,000 individuals from all areas of Austin weighing in with 100 different ideas for what this city could do with a superfast network.

From that, the City of Austin took the ball and lobbed it that much harder into Google's court producing the following amazing video pitch featuring filmaker Robert Rodriguez, local Tech founders, health professionals, Mayor Leffingwell, and Councilmember Laura Morrison. Seriously watch this.

Beyond that, go read the official proposal and accompanying backup materials at and on the City Website at The application makes you proud of Austin and our unique capacity to offer Google a lot of things that other cities can't (like owning our own electric utility and poles). The supporting leadership letters are from every sector of the community- read a sample. And check out some of the maps and data about Austin that make us a great choice for Google's proposed Gigabit network.

At the least, you'll learn a lot about Austin. At best, we'll have Google coming around to call Austin home- not Topeka, KS.  


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