Texas Round-Up

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Here we go folks, a long awaited Texas Round-Up!



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  1. A 3-1 split is more realistic
    Given the growth in Democratic voters (per Kuff) in suburban areas, the growth in Hispanics statewide, etc., a 3-1 split reflects realities better, especially if Dems can regain the Texas House this fall, let alone the governor's office.

    Specifically, creating a Hispanic-friendly district in the Metroplex, adjusting south/southwest Texas districts to possibly create a Hispanic-leaning district, and then doing the same in the Houston area, in exchange for letting the GOP gain an exurban district somewhere, is fine.

    A sidebar to Dems insisting on a 3-1 split would be the GOP likely pushing to make Edwards' district even more Republican, though. But, this is all part of horse trading.

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