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The Texas Attorney General is suing against “Obamacare” in order to protect “States Rights” to control health insurance companies doing business in Texas! But, maybe there's a thing called Abbottcare (or, Perrycare) that Texans should examine more closely.

Once, Abbot was in favor of mandates, now he's not. It's not just the hypocrisy “I was for it, now I'm against it.” It is also the hypocrisy of the entire “States Rights” argument being used to cover up over a decade of Republican neglect of Texas health care reform by Texas' 100% statewide Republican elected officials.

On Dallas KRLD talk radio 1080 early this afternoon, I heard Dallas County Republican Chairman, Jonathan Neerman, assert that all Republicans support the end to the pre-existing conditions exclusion for health insurance.

This surprised me.

For one thing, when I called Congressman Lamar Smith's office back in November to inquire about any Republican proposal to end pre-existing conditions, I was told there was a proposal and if I would wait on hold the staff person would find it. The staff person never returned to the line. So, I concluded there was no Republican plan to end pre-existing conditions that Congressman Smith was willing to endorse.

So, when Jonathan Neerman, the Dallas County Republican Chairman, asserted as a fact that “all Republicans” are against the practice of excluding pre-existing conditions, I was just wondering how Lamar Smith missed that, and how Republicans might propose ending the practice.

I would have thought that if all Republicans support this “limited and incremental” reform, and if all Republicans believe in “States Rights”, then all Republicans would have pressured the State Insurance Board to require that insurance companies doing business in Texas abandon the pre-existing conditions exclusion in policies of insurance companies under the jurisdiction of the people of Texas.

Jonathan Neerman was responding to a KRLD talk show host (Scott) about the baby (Houston Tracy) born March 15th in Crowley, Texas, who had a pre-existing heart condition. Coverage was denied by his father's health insurance as soon as the condition was known. (See, Neerman claimed that Republicans were universally opposed to pre-existing condition exclusions” and would have taken care of that problem if the Democrats hadn't shut them out of the Health Care Reform debate.

In my opinion, Democrats should make this a cause celebre in Texas leading up to the election in November.

Just as Republicans sat on their hands for the 12 years they controlled Congress, Governor Perry and Atty Gen. Abbott have sat on their hands for over a decade while the State Insurance Board was allowing insurance companies to get away with denying coverage based on “pre-existing” conditions. Now, baby Houston is paying the price for the malfeasance and hypocrisy of Gov. Perry, Atty. Gen Abbott, and the entire statewide Republican leadership.


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