287 Miles, 6 Counties, One Reason

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Last Saturday, my campaign set a single-day personal record: we visited six counties in one day. The Democratic Party held its annual county conventions, and my team drove up and down I-35, 183, 290, and 71 to visit with delegates in Bell, Williamson, Hays, Travis, Caldwell and Bastrop counties.

Now, a lot of people might wonder, “why spend a cold, rainy Saturday driving 287 miles around Central Texas?” The answer is simple: because that's what this court deserves. A court this important deserves a candidate who is willing to explain why this race matters, and ask each individual voter for their support.

So last Saturday, that's what we did. From the cafeteria of the Lockhart Junior High School to a cavernous hall at the Palmer Events Center, from Reunion Ranch in Georgetown to the Wimberley Community Center, we worked to educate voters about why this court is so important and why I am the best qualified candidate for the job. If you missed me-or I didn't come to your county-here it is in a nutshell:

The Third Court is one of the most important courts in Texas because it hears cases involving state agencies, officials, and administrative laws. As a result, it decides legal issues that impact the lives of every Texan, every day. If you care about issues such as education, energy, water, the environment, or public corruption, you need to care about the Third Court.

A court this important needs someone who knows how to do the job. I am the only board-certified appellate attorney in the race, and the only candidate with significant experience as a civil and criminal appellate advocate. My fellow attorneys voted me “Best Qualified” for the position by almost a two-to-one margin over my opponent. I am committed to ending the court's backlog and working hard to make our Third Court one that all Central Texans can be proud of.

I hope you'll check out the slide show of our campaign stops on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who helped out along the way. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. In the meantime, please follow my campaign on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, and encourage your friends to do the same.


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  1. mondalejones on

    RE: I have a case against Kurt Kuhn

    He is an ethical, talented advocate who will have great judicial temperament.

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