Who Does Lamar Smith Represent?

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While Lamar Smith has gained power and prestige in Congress, Texas has become the home to the highest number of uninsured children in America. According to the 2008 Census, almost 30% of children under 18 yrs old, in our district alone, are either uninsured or are already on a government insurance program. In our district alone, the newly passed health care reform bill will give the opportunity of insurance to over 25,000 of our uninsured children, over 93,000 uninsured adults, and almost 2,000 uninsured seniors. In our district alone, over 75,000 young adults, of whom 1 of 4 lives below the poverty level, will qualify to stay on their parents' insurance policy instead of adding them to the pool of uninsured or government subsidized. In our district alone, over 35% of our population of all ages, and 95% of our seniors, almost 300,000 of our neighbors, are either uninsured or are already on a government insurance program. Yet our community suffers from only a little over 4% unemployment. Our neighbors are not trying to get something for nothing. They work hard, and they deserve an opportunity to purchase the security net of affordable health insurance for themselves and their families.Is it only a coincidence that the Insurance Industry is the top sector contributing to Lamar Smith's campaign in 2010? Or that two of the top 10 industries contributing to his campaign are the Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies, contributing a combined total of almost $330K over Lamar Smith's 22-year Congressional career. Could this be why Lamar Smith has spoken out against removing the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies, has voted several times against reauthorizing and expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program, and last night voted against the historic sweeping health care reform that will finally put in place regulations and safeguards to keep t he insurance companies in check to lower premiums and costs, increase private insurance competition, end discrimination against the sick, and insure 95% of Americans?

Lamar Smith has turned his back on our 300,000 neighbors in need, and has forgotten why he was sent to Capitol Hill 22 years ago. It is the People's House, not the Republican's, not the Insurance Company's, and not the State's. It's time that he casts his vote in the interests of our community, and it's time that we cast our votes for true representation. Whether we agree or disagree on this legislation, you can be assured that I will always represent all the people of this district, not only the wealthy, but also the most vulnerable. I will not be a puppet for my party or for special interests.

Lainey Melnick

Candidate for US Congress

Texas 21st District


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