Kay Bailey Hutchison Would Have Conceded Runoff

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Buried away in the tail end of this Austin American-Statesman's Politifact entry was a curious comment that I'm surprised hasn't gotten wider notice. Then again, since it is another example of Sen. Hutchison being the coward she is and not every putting any real heart into her campaign.

Referring to her concession in the early evening of the March 2nd GOP primary…

“To drag it out past 10 o'clock at night was sort of an unfair thing to do to Perry,” Francis said. “It was clear what the situation was. Kay wanted to exit in a classy, dignified way. That's what she decided. There wasn't any strategy about it.”

Besides, even if she'd squeaked into a runoff, Francis said, Hutchison had already decided to concede if she trailed Perry by 20 percentage points or so — and she did.

Unless I missed it, I was under the impression along with most of the rest of the Texas press corps that Kay Bailey was in it to win it (among other things like resigning her seat in the Senate regardless if she won the primary or not).

Carole Strayhorn Austin LobbyistLet this be a lesson about how the “invulnerable popular Republican female elected officials” can fall from grace.

Former “popular” Republican Comptroller Carole Strayhorn lost a race for Governor, a race for Mayor, and is now a registered-lobbyist on solid waste services in Austin.

Former “invincible” Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison chickened out of a primary for Governor, then lost a primary for Governor by 20 points, would have chickened out of a runoff, and is now dithering around on which promise she'll break next about how long she's going to stick around being bored in the U.S. Senate.

Who's next? Current popular Republican Comptroller Susan Combs who Democrats didn't even field a candidate against this cycle? Let us not be lulled into the invincibility of incumbent Republicans any longer.

-Recycled Carole Strayhorn photo credit to the Austin Chronicle.


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