Henry Cuellar Undecided on Health Care Reform

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Eric Cantor, the Republic Whip in the U.S. House of Representative's is promoting a video of Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar.

Cuellar went on the GOP's propaganda cable channel Fox News, and rattled off his support for tort reform, the Stupak amendment, and a need for efficiencies in heath care.  Needless to say, he went through the GOP talking points very nicely.

Tort reform happened in Texas nearly a decade ago and premiums and health care costs have still risen over 100% since the Republican's forced through the constitutional amendment that reduced tort litigation or damages for those harmed.  This shows why we need massive health care reform. The only way we can get the efficiencies Cuellar wants is,  wait for it, to actually pass reforms. The current system has few efficiencies and that's why we need reform.

As for Stupak, I am going to let smarter people than me talk about how bad his amendment is.

There is still time to tell Henry Cuellar to vote for health care reform.  Call his Washington D.C. office at 202-225-1640 or toll-free at 877-780-0028.

And feel free to tell him you are calling because of his ridiculous appearance on Fox News.


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  1. CNN Ticker: Democrat snubs Obama
    Which Democratic Congressman would have the audacity to refuse to return a call from the White House? You guessed it. Henry Cuellar is more concerned about getting re-elected than he is about representing his constituents in one of the poorest districts in the country, in the state that has the nation's highest rate of uninsured residents.

    Washington (CNN) – As President Obama holds face-to-face meetings and makes phone calls to House Democrats in a last ditch effort to gain enough support for passage of health care legislation, one fence-sitting lawmaker is refusing to answer a telephone call from the White House.

    “If I have to talk to him, I'll talk to him,” Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar said begrudgingly of a phone call his office received Wednesday from the White House. But Cuellar told reporters in the Capitol he has so far refused to return the call because he first wants to decide how he'll vote on the health care package. The Texas congressman also acknowledged that it was “White House staff” that placed the call, but he presumes the president wanted to speak to him.

    “At the end of the day, when we take a vote, he's not going to be out there supporting me and running my elections,” Cuellar said of Obama. “It's going to be up to me to run my election. And it's up to me to decide on my own that this is in the best interests of my district.”

    Cuellar, who is in his third term, voted in favor of the original House version of health care reform in November, but he has not announced his intentions this time.

    The House Blue Dog Caucus needs to expel this jackass.

  2. Call, email, fax
    You attract many more flies with honey.  If you are in Cuellar, Ortiz, Reyes or any other Dem member's district, call them and say three things –

    1. Thank you for already voting for reform, I know it might have been difficult.

    2. Please vote one more time for reform this weekend.

    3. We got your back.  We'll be there for you, to support you and thank you when you do put your neck out there.

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