Vote in UT Student Government Runoff for Scott Parks & Muneezeh Kabir

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Not since 2002 has there been a runoff for the top spot in UT-Austin's Student Government elections. Today and tomorrow, current students will have the opportunity to decide who will represent the university in online voting between the two remaining Executive Alliances for President/VP of the Student Assembly.

Going into the runoff, the (more establishment) executive alliance of Minator Azemi and Justin Stein lead by a mere 400 votes with 46% of the vote. Challenging them in the first fully credible and organized “alternative” option in nearly a decade is Scott Parks and Muneezah Kabir who garnered 42% of the vote in the first round.

In my years at UT, I had volunteers for a handful of losing campaigns and tickets that challenged the SG establishment. And while all the candidates have ties to or current positions in student government, I'm encouraged by Scott and Muneezah's campaign this year. They are endorsed by both the Daily Texan and the University Democrats. And in an unusual twist, are also endorsed by State Reps. Strama, Bolton, & Rodriguez who represent pockets of students around Austin. Plus, getting the endorsement of the Texas Travesty's first round losing executive alliances is a good thing in my book.

While I certainly encourage our University of Texas readers to check out both Scott and Muneezeh's website as well as Minator and Justin's site, I'm going to encourage and ask Burnt Orange Report readers that are students and can vote in the SG elections to cast their runoff vote for Scott and Muneezeh.

Vote online here before tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5pm.


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    • TexianPolitico on

      I like Rep. Strama, but why is he getting involved in student politics at UT? I don't recall an elected official ever doing so before.  

      • Re: Why?
        Because Scott and Muneezeh's campaign managers are Jimmy Talarico and Melessa Rodriguez. If local Dems want UT students to canvass for them, they need to stay friendly with Jimmy and Melessa.

        • TexianPolitico on

          High school elections
          Student council elections in high schools all across HD 50 will be coming up this spring. Will Rep. Strama be endorsing candidates in those races? Its never too early to lay the ground work for future progressive victories.

  1. Students for Gun-Free Schools
    It's worth noting that Students for Gun-Free Schools did not endorse Parks and Kabir in the run-offs.

    And another BOR writer, Michael Hurta, also supports Minator Azemi and Justin Stein — who are both Democrats.

    Remember, folks, as far as student issues are concerned, student leaders need to be able to reach across the aisle. Getting endorsements from three Democrats because your org has a stranglehold over canvassing does not make you, necessarily, a good advocate for students.

    With that said, I really like Scott and Muneezeh, and if the 82nd Session weren't going to be during their terms, I'd vote for them instead of Minator and Justin.

    (This does not constitute an endorsement on behalf of Student Government, which does not endorse.)

  2. The Daily Texan
    An “endorsement” from the Daily Texan is kind of a joke.  Their reasoning is generally pretty awful.

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