The March to Victory

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Thank you so much for your amazing support over the past 9 months. Because of your hard work and dedication, we did it. I am now officially the Democratic Nominee for the TX-21 Congressional Seat. In November 2010, I will face the 22-year Republican incumbent, Lamar Smith. Our challenge is really only just beginning. The results of the primary show that he is a skilled career politician who understands the business of re-election. His opponent was able to get about 20% of the Republican vote, denting his base, but not nearly enough to split the support. I think he put himself in a difficult position though trying to run on the right of Lamar Smith, there wasn't much wiggle room there. Smith also lost support that he had from the 2006 primary, so he came away with about 16,000 votes less than he could have had.I came away with 100% of the Democratic vote in TX-21, but will need the approximately 400,000 TX-21 voters who didn't vote in either primary. I can do that by showing them that I represent the people, not special interests, not a political party, and not my own career. Since they don't post results for uncontested races, here are my votes reported by each county. I only have a small portion of Travis and Bexar counties, so understand that looking at the entire county results for those counties won't be very helpful. These results were also low due to a great number of Demcrats crossing over to vote in the Republican Primary for the Governor's race, especially those in the smaller counties.

Votes for Lainey Melnick – Democratic Primary March 2, 2010

Bexar County:   7343

Travis County:  4954

Comal County:   1216

Kerr County:     457

Kendall County:  321

Bandera County:  200

Blanco County:   176

Real County:      10

TOTAL VOTES:     14,677  100%

You can listen in to my interview on KTSA 550 AM with Kevin Wall pre-election day by clicking here, and today's interview by Jack Riccardi by clicking here.

Our election night Big Tent party was covered by NBC, CBS, KLBJ and News8Austin and brought about 800 supporters for 28 candidates and several clubs together for an incredible celebration. We are all excited about the possibilities to come in November 2010 and ready to work hard to get there. Thank you, and please contribute and volunteer today, we have a long road ahead and we need to win this together.

Thank you!


Lainey Melnick

Candidate for US Congress

Texas 21st District

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