The Unstoppable Debra Medina

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“The same person that writes the check for Sarah Palin writes the check for Glenn Beck, and people should be aware of that, and he's in Mr. Perry's pocket.”

–Medina supporter, from YouTube video titled, WE TEXANS – 10 Days Till Victory (Watch below)

She's not going away that easy, folks. From this morning's Public Policy Polling group:

  • Perry – 40%
  • Hutchison – 31%
  • Medina – 20%

Debra Medina took a shot across the bow from Rick Perry and Glenn Beck a couple weeks ago (See: “Gut Reaction: Team Rick Perry Used Glenn Beck to Attack Debra Medina.”) As I later reported, Rick Perry has received $286,400 from Clear Channel CEO and Chairman Lowry Mays — who owns the radio stations of Beck, Limbaugh, and other right-wing radio hosts, most of whom immediately followed the Rick Perry talking points and smashed Medina constantly after her remarks (See: “Did Rick Perry's Clear Channel Connections Sink Debra Medina?”)

So perhaps the most important question is this one here:

Do you think Debra Medina believes the Bush administration played a role in the attacks of 9/11? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2. If you’re not sure, press 3.

  • Yes ……………………………………………………….. 21%
  • No …………………………………………………………. 50%
  • Not Sure…………………………………………………. 29%

Perry's message spin team, quite frankly, failed. They urged and urged everyone to believe Medina was a truther, and they only managed to convince 21% of respondents in their set-up and attack. Pretty weak, when you think about it. Though not entirely unexpected.

Watch the first minute of the video below — or skip to the 0:50 mark, and see this woman say, “The same person that writes the check for Sarah Palin writes the check for Glenn Beck, and people should be aware of that, and he's in Mr. Perry's pocket.”

We'll see what the other polls say, but meanwhile…Debra Medina isn't going anywhere without a fight.


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Phillip Martin

Currently the Research and Policy Director for Progress Texas and the Texas Research Institute, Phillip Martin writes occasional long-form pieces for BOR that promote focused analysis and insight into Texas politics. Born and raised in Austin, Phillip started working in politics in 2003 and started writing on BOR in the summer of 2005. Phillip has worked for the Texas Democratic Trust, the Texas Legislative Study Group, and now the Progress Texas family. He is a lifelong Houston Astros fan, a loyal Longhorn, and loves swimming at Barton Springs Pool.


        • watch what you wish for
          i would expect alvarado to be closer to 9%-11%.

          hispanics are typically under-represented in polls.

          he should be a little higher…although white's ads in spanish will hold him very low.

          as i have said for 5 cycles (and no one listened), Hispanics don't knee-jerk vote for an Hispanic surname unless they haven't been communicated to.

          i don't think white will have that problem, but i do think felix will come in a few points higher.

          • They do have crosstabs, you know

            “If you are Hispanic, press 1. If white, press 2.

            If African American, press 3. If other, press 4.

            Hispanic … 32%

            White … 46%

            African American … 19%

            Other … 3%”

            Feels about right to me. And when they break it down by race, it's White 48%, Shami 19%, Alvarado 14%, Aguado 5% among Hispanics. I'd say Alvarado/Aguado are going to need to draw 30% or more from Hispanics for there to be a chance of this going to a runoff.

      • Shows Why Liberals Should Definitely Vote for Shami Now
        This shows that liberals have nothing to lose voting for Farouk Shami to advance issues like LGBT rights, a death penalty moratorium, and humane immigration ideas.  Bill White will be nominated anyway.  Do you want White to have any pressure on these issues to take correct stands, or not?

  1. 29% not sure
    Doesn't equate to “no”, if I wasn't sure if someone was a 9-11 truther, but knew they were flirting with the idea, serious doubts would remain.

    I don't think Beck's original question was off, the one he threw her was a softball.  The fact that she screwed up on it was her fault.  He could have obfuscated and asked a question where it would have been harder to just say “no”.

    Beck's outlandish praise of Rick Perry doesn't raise questions.

  2. Very compelling video
    Go to the 7:00 mark, as well. Her speech…”We will rise to the occasion…”

    She tells her voters to make sure those in your Sunday School class have voted. And tells them to go and check out those who haven't voted, yet.  She's got compassion. Very defined.

    “We will see a new and brighter day not just for our state but for our country.”

    She's very strong. Much more believable that her rivals. She makes them look very weak in comparison. There's fire in her speech. And it certainly seems real. I do not agree with her worldview in any way, shape or form. But I admire her political skill and courage.

  3. That 20%
    There was a similar 20% that voted for Roy Morales in the Houston mayoral race. May be a coincidence. But it may reflect 20% of the Republican base that is fed up with the status quo. And want something else. Which may indicate a Democrat can pull that 20% if they are at least “fiscally conservative” which seems to matter more than “socially conservative” to a growing number of Republicans.

    I won't vote for him but that does indicate that Bill White does have a chance at beating a Republican opponent in November if that 20% is indeed representative of the party as a whole being discontent and they believe he is “fiscally conservative” and a better choice.  

    • interesting
      hadn't considered the morales constituency.

      your instincts could be accurate.

      i do disagree about White's chance in Nov.

      but i do agree that a different message could sell in the fall.

      • That 20%
        Hang on a second snooky – there were three very committed, very obvious Democrats running for mayor.  There was one Republican.  He was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party and the recipient of the hardcore Republican mobilization effort.

        That 20% is nothing more than the Republican base that will always and forever vote for a Republican.  If anything I'd call them social conservatives – Morales was the prolife candidate and ran well in those precincts.  And those fiscally conservative voters – they turned out for Annise, the number crunching policy wonk that talked about tightening the belt.

        I think you are comparing two very dissimilar set of Republican voters.

        • that said
          Those fiscally conservative, upper middle class Republican voters that pulled the lever for Annise and are supporting KBH now – I think they are ripe for the picking for Bill White in November.  States rights and secession are too far out for them.

  4. The big surprise

    is that Kay is within single digits of Rick.  I do not have all the recent polls, but isn't this closer than most recent polls?

    I know Rasmussen on February 2, had Perry up by 14%,




    11-Undecided  (total of 99%).

    So while there is no real direct comparison without knowing poll parameters, crosstabs, etc…, assuming equivilance, KBH has gained 2, Perry lost 3, Medina gained 4, and undecided lost 2.

    Does that reflect what you all have been feeling on the ground?

    • Apples to oranges
      Rasmussen does random dialing, and a whole lot more people will tell the machine that they will vote in the primary than actually do. PPP dials people on the voter file that have primary voting history, plus a general sample. Random dial works pretty good in high turnout elections, but not so much for low turnout ones like primaries. False positives tend to inflate the frontrunner's numbers.

      PPP did poll the race before the beck/truther flap. In that apples/apples comparison, Medina lost 4, with 3 going to KBH and 1 going to Perry. Some of that movement may be statistical noise though.

      • Thanks for a more detailed analysis of these polling items …

        After all that is said, do you see anything to show KBH is closing?  

        Certainly, a few days ago I was thinking it might actually be Perry-White contest without any runoffs.

        • My take
          the movement is mostly a shift in anybody-but-perry votes after the beck thing. The votes KBH picked up were probably hers before the debate bounce for Medina. The thing to watch now is Dem crossover with White out of runoff danger. In the last PPP poll, White led Shami 51% to 19% but White has added 8 while Shami lost 7.

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